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Got a refund today on my faulty graphics card, and now looking at
getting a new

Faulty card was a Geforce 6800 GT 256MB Ram
I haven't been keeping up much with the latest developments since
buying this so
am a bit out of touch.

I got a budget of around 200 and am a bit confused over Nvidia/ATi and
which to
go for. I have always been with Nvidia before but am open.

Only constraint is that my motherboard (Asus K8V SE Deluxe) only
supports AGP so
I can't go for one of those PCI-I which seems to be the
latest stuff.

Otherwise I got a pretty good system, with 1GB Ram and a Athlon 64 Fx51
Have seen a 6800 GS Extreme on Overclockers but wondering if this is
worth 182
when its from the same family as my old card which I bought
6 months ago for
just 10 more.
Cheers for any ideas.


Re: Graphics Card - Which One - Help

Yep, you got a good system. You also got enough ram that you don't really
need a video card with 256mb. One with 128mb will probably suit you just
fine and will not get as hot. AGP is still plenty good for the stuff that is
out now and will last you just fine for quite a while. Don't worry about the

 I had a geforce, then got an ATI Radeon 256. Just took the ATI back because
it was getting too hot. I am going back to a geforce with 128mb and I
upgraded my ram so that I don't need a video card with 256mb.

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Re: Graphics Card - Which One - Help

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Having more RAM in your main system won't directly affect the performance of
your graphics card, unless it is a turbocache card (and the ones you have
talked about so far are not). The RAM on the graphics card is used to
perform 3D calculations and the more there is, the more it can do at high
speed. 256MB is a sensible limit for a graphics card at the moment, although
you will barely notice a difference over a card of the same speed with 128MB
on board. Depends what resolutions and game settings you use (AA etc).

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