Graphics card recommendations?

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I have a pentium 4 running at 2.8, with a 1gb ram. How can I determine
what a a good graphics card I can use for the computer? The
motherboard model is : D865GLC
I don't want anything fancy, just something basic, not (for extreme

Thank you!

Re: Graphics card recommendations?

nj wrote:
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Given your light usage, practically any $35 AGP 8x card will fit the
bill.  You'll find die hard ATI adherents and die hard nVidia adherents,
but I can so no reason to get parochial.

Here's a bunch of AGP 8x cards at newegg: =

You might consider getting one that has a D-Sub *and* a DVI port, to
give you some monitor flexibility.  I have an Asus version of this card:

SAPPHIRE 100562L-GN Radeon 9600PRO 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X $43

As far as the cheaper cards there, /I/ would probably go with Asus, as
I've been happy with their service policy in the past -- I don't know
anything about HIS.

Re: Graphics card recommendations?

Perheps it will help you

Boba Vankufer

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Re: Graphics card recommendations?

Any AGP 8X card with, say, 64 to 128MB RAM on-board should be fine. If
you can get a GeForce 6000 series (or better, 7000 series) then go for
it. Should last you a while if its only intended for desktop and
office type work.

Re: Graphics card recommendations?

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If you are looking for something basic, then what do you have currently in
the PC and what improvement are you looking for?

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