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Looking for a new graphics card since my old voodoo 3 won't fit in my new

Abit VT7 board takes up to AGP x 8.  I don't play games much and those I do
play are not the sort that need top of the range 3d graphics but I want a
card that won't slow down the rest of the system.  I may want the ability to
input some clips from old VHS tapes if that is possible.

Anyone care to recommend?


Re: Graphics card recommendation


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How much do you want to spend? I see you are in the UK. I was going to
recommend a recent deal that was posted elsewhere - the 6800 nonGT was
posted as selling for $150 at Frys instore thats a killer deal and
proof of the decline in prices of video cards is general.

Generally speaking the 6600GT is a decent card and its been falling in
price in the US dont know if it is in the UK and allows you to play
all the games out there at a cost around $150-200 range. If you REALLY
arent into games and can find the non-gt version for far less that
might be an option - the plain 6600. Ive seen it for 100-120 a few
times since prices are falling it might be even lower. Its hard to say
cause in the US there are rebate deals and they tend to push prices
way lower on holiday sales and Memorial day is coming up so the UK may
have far higher prices for all I know.

Other decent deals are the older ATI boards 9800 series that are on
clearance in the US - probably being phased out soon or maybe they
already have been phased out. Recent prices posted were 115 US.

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