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i recently baught a geforce 9600 gt for my computer and i notice you can
to conections and it came with vga adapters now i was wondering if
i could
conect my tv with the vga cable into the computer and use that s
like a
secondary monater or something like that its a vga in port

Re: graphics card question

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 15:40:03 -0600, Cadetdude

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Re: graphics card question

If it's just a TV and not dual-purpose TV/PC Monitor, you won't find the
TV at
all usable for your PC. The resolution (number of pixels) is way
too low and
everything will look 'jaggy', with text being unreadable in
most cases. The TV
will be okay for showing DVD-movies played through
the DVD-drive on your PC, but
that's about all.

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