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I have a Nvidia geforce fx 5200 card. Whenever I install its driver
and restart
the computer, the computer turns off. The next time I
open the computer, the
driver gets uninstalled automatically making
the card usless. Why is this
happening? Can anyone help me!

Re: Graphics card problem

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We probably can't help because you failed to mention the
system hardware, operating system, etc, as well as whether
system is newly built, old, had another card, whether you
had another driver installed previously, had tried more
versions of the driver now, whether the card is known
working as tried in another system, which version of
DirectX, etc, etc, etc.

It never does much good to only tell us about one part.
Other people are using similar if not exact same part fine
so it has to be some OTHER difference in exactly what you're
doing [with that part].

Re: Graphics card problem

What Drivers are you using?
If it uninstalls the Video card itself.. that means that the
a) The video card driver failed to install properly.
b) You did not update the motherboard GART AGP drivers properly...
c) you tried to overclock and forget to lock the PCI/AGP speed to

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