Graphics card & LCD monitor died together...

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Talk about a wierd day. My Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card and
NEC Multisync 1810 LCD monitor all failed together. My Speedtouch
router was stopped working but after about an hour of trying different
phone jacks in the house, it inexplicably fixed itself.

Here's the problems - hopefully someone recognises these problems and
can advise me what to do next.

The graphics card was working fine up till now. Now and then when I
reboot the comp, I'd get a continuous beeping sound. Jiggling around
the auxiliary power input to the card seemed to get rid of the beeping.
While I was moving around the comp, I bumped into the graphics card (my
side panel is open to allow air in - too hot otherwise). The computer
immediately shut down. When I restarted it, my screen would artifact
very badly (couldn't read any BIOS output that usually appears at
start). Moving the graphics card to another PC still caused
artifacting, so I am pretty sure the graphics card is at fault.

Do graphics card die like that - with artifacts, or do they just
produce no output? Is there any way to fix it, given the warranty is
probably expired by now?

The NEC Multisync monitor doesn't realise the input cable is plugged
in. If I plug it into (another working) graphics card, it says "No
signal". It is one of those older cables where it splits into 5
connectors for the LCD (R,G,B and 2 others). Closer inspection of the
male part of the cable that goes to the female graphics card shows
5x4x5 pins, with an apparently missing 15th pin. Is this my problem?
Should all graphic card cables have 15 pins? What is this type of cable
called so I can buy a replacement?


Re: Graphics card & LCD monitor died together... wrote:

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Jiggling a video card in its AGP slot is very dangerous. The
faceplate should have the screw installed, to keep the card in
place. If the motherboard has a latch, to hold the "heel" of the
card, that should be engaged also. That helps to prevent accidents.

Chances are, the wrong pins in the socket made contact with the
connector on the video card when the card was bumped. That might
have destroyed the video card.

If a high voltage, like the +12V, were to make its way all the
way to the output drivers (which would seem unlikely), I suppose
it could go down the cable and blow the input stage on the monitor.
Anything is possible.

You can try buying another VGA to separate output video cable,
but my guess would be the input stage on the LCD monitor has
been affected. Buying the cable is most likely a waste of time,
but considering the cost of another monitor, I suppose if the
cable is cheap enough, the experiment is worthwhile.

Search keywords would be VGA, RGBHV, BNC.

This pinout for VGA shows pin 9 is [Key]. Meaning the pin
may be missing. Wikipedia lists pin 9 as "No connect". (diagram)


Re: Graphics card & LCD monitor died together...

Hi Paul,

Paul wrote:

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The jiggling is done with the power off as the continuous beeping
problem always seems to be at bootup. Now and then I get
freezes/reboots and maybe the cause is the graphics card?

The screw is installed and the latch auto-engages once the card is
slotted in.

Would you say this continuous beeping (and going away once the
card/power connectors are moved around) was a sign the card was dying
anyway? I am trying to be optimistic about it and tell myself "It was
dying anyway..."

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There don't seem to be any burnt components on the card, etc. Is there
any way for me to definitively check if the card is salvageable? Now
that I'm in my final year at uni my savings are low and I would really
like to avoid buying another graphics card if I can.

I've also checked Sapphire's website for their warranty durations - do
you know how long they last? I bought this card around October 2003.

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The wierd part is that the monitor was on a different comp. I don't get
how the monitor suddenly stopped working at the same time today either.
I'm so incredulous about the string of disasters today...I've been
spending the whole day jiggling cables in very cramped spaces and
taking out/pushing in AGP cards it is not funny!

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Yeah thanks. I'll be buying a new cable to test it.

I really hate to buy a new AGP graphics card for my ok-ish AMD XP 2500+
PC, especially considering how I'd basically be buying an obsolete card
as things are going PCI-e now.

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Yes, thanks, it was very helpful Paul.

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