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I'm about to buy EIZO S1931 19" LCD monitor. Full specification is
available here: .

It's supposed to be a high quality matrix. I suppose in order to achieve
this high quality I need a graphics card with a good DVI connection.

So, here's the question: Which card should I buy to achieve possibly
highest quality of this monitor?
What you need to know is I'm going to use this monitor for text reading
mostly and maybe watching movies from time to time (divx). Definitely no

And another problem - I won't have much money after buying this fancy
monitor :) So I hope there's a card under $40 which will do fine in my case
(like I said, no games :).
Looking through auctions I've come across one graphics card -
SAPPHIRE RADEON 9250 - 128MB DDR 128bit, DVI. You think it'll be good for

Thanks in advance for all responses.

BTW. This monitor has 10-bit gamma. To be perfectly honest I dont know what
it means exactly, but I wonder if a cheap video card will handle it? Or
this feature is only for the newest cards?

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Re: Graphics card for LCD monitor says...
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Don't know about the monitor, but I've got the same (or as near as
dammit) video card, and it looks fine on my 17" ViewSonic monitor, using
the DVI input.


Re: Graphics card for LCD monitor

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That should be fine for your requirements. Radeon cards often have better
image quality that Nvidia which shows in Divx playback. Sapphire are a
decent brand. Stick to DVI connection for a LCD screen - dont mess around
with VGA or VGA-to-DVI adapters.

Re: Graphics card for LCD monitor

On Fri, 25 May 2007 14:00:53 +0200, di0xid

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Any semi-modern card with DVI output will look as good as
the next with DVI output, that's the point of DVI to get a
perfect output, except the issue another poster mentioned
that some cards tend to have better MPEG acceleration but
none have full MPEG4/Divx acceleration in this price range.
The card you mentioned should be fine.

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