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Hello. I have Radeon 9800 Pro card in a MSI KT3 Ultra mobo (Athlon XP2500
Barton, 1Gb Corsair PC3200 RAM, 2xWD 80Gb HDD RAID1, Antec 430W PSU).

When I started the PC up just now, I got the alarm regarding the power cable
not being connected. I opened it up, and everything is connected as it
should be. Trying to boot again and everything is fine.

Is this a sign of impending failure or anything? I bought the card autumn
last year. I'm slowly increasing the FSB to overclock the PSU, currently at
171 -  1885MHz - nothing major. That wouldn't affect it, would it?

Re: Graphics card alarm

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 20:03:06 -0000, "S.Boardman"

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Well the higher clock rate will use more power, but whether
you're at some kind of limit is hard to say, take some
voltage readings and see if they look off, diferent than
previously.  Your clock rate increase is so minor though,
that if it's causing a problem it'd be a problem already
nearly present at stock speed too.  IIRC, you have a Barton
CPU, right?  Generally with that PSU and CPU others have
been able to hit past 2.1GHz without problems.

I'm not familar with the alarm for the video card though,
what it takes to trigger that.  Is it solely a video-card
based alarm that has nothing to do with the motherboard?  If
so I'd suspect either a problem with the card or just a
random glitch.  Maybe that particular power connector just
has contacts that aren't perfect and it makes an
intermittent connection?  More time may be needed to see if
the problem reoccurs and when.

Re: Graphics card alarm

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Fair enough. It's definitely a video card thing. There is a message on
screen telling me I have not plugged in the card's power cable.


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