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How  to noticegraphic  problems, besides  overheating and exhaustive
tests of graphic  card/chip ?

is   there  a possible way  to notice such  failures  in some kind  of
log,, like card  producers  log  if they make them ???

or what  event  IDs  would i have to search for to look for in the
event viewer  ?
(are there any  event IDs  which are known as  graphic card,
motherboard failure IDs which are sign of mailfunction of a working
device ?)

and what  if the user has put a very new  Operation system, then any
log or any  event ID is empty as the system is fresh, what  then ???


Re: graphic question - notebook & computer

comitter wrote:
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If the manufacturer would share their testing code with us,
we'd be able to test some things, like they do.

But as long as the manufacturer test details are unknown,
all we can do is "play 3D games" as a test, or use tools
like Furmark or ATI Tool. Furmark seems to exist, mainly
to generate heat, so may not be the best test. And Ati Tool
may not work with all operating systems. /

Using GPGPU code, CUDA or OpenCL, might be another way to do
testing, but then that will only be testing programmable
shaders, and not give good test coverage for other component
parts of the GPU.

In short, we don't have good tests. Only partial tests.


Re: graphic question - notebook & computer

yeah, today you have a ton of instructions and new capabilities which
some programs do not handle,
and then you aren't sure so well was the program well efficient or

Like i'm using VMT for testing RAM memory at Graphic cards... and you
newer know was the test handled as it should or haven't i forgot to
pick some extra functions...  only program maker knows what it really
does including the manging elite and engineers in that stuff...

i don't buy it again M;) i just think of what kind of tests i do with
the graphic cards, 3-5 test programs which are the base, basics for
testing... i don't know about high-grade-gamer cards of this
days...that amount of huge memory compartment like 1-3GB GDDR5... i
really doubt this programs are good written for every kind of graphic
cards, yet there are numerous variations in options and functions when
starting a test...

yeah, i still haven't got my claw on that Cuda, wonder stuff... it's a
newer story...

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