Graphic Card and S-Video

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So I built a quick computer out of spare parts to simply hook to a TV with
S-Video and use it with the TV as a monitor.  I boot it up hooked to the TV
wait a bit until I know it's in Windows then hit the hot keys to switch to
the TV view...nothing happens. So I went and grabbed a monitor and plugged
that in and a box was on the screen saying I had to have a monitor connected
still in order to switch it to the TV view. Is there a way around this? I
mean the computer is only for use with the TV so I don't have an extra
monitor to keep hooked to it. Thanks.

Re: Graphic Card and S-Video

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In my experience, the TV-out feature of most video cards are a PITA.
I've had multiple laptops, desktop video cards, all of the better/best
variety, and all of them have been a little flakey.

First thing I'd do is make sure you download the latest video card
drivers.  Then, make sure you read the knowledgebase articles talking
about your specific problem --- trust me, you aren't the only person
with these types of issues.  Then, make sure your TV is hooked up and
ready to go when you boot the machine.  These video cards seem to
sense/know when something is live on the other end..... In case of any
error, it will go back to monitor mode.

Incidentally, using a TV as a monitor generally sucks unless it is of
a recent hi-res/hi-def model with a DVI connection.  However, viewing
downloaded movies (vs other general computing tasks) works well in
most configurations....

Hope this helps


Re: Graphic Card and S-Video

It's for game playing on the TV screen and movie watching.  We've been doing
it for a while now with a laptop, but now I'd just like to use a PC box I
built.  It will switch to the TV when I have a monitor also hooked up...I
want to force it to just go to the TV without having a monitor hooked up
though.  I located some software that will force it to output to the TV and
monitor at the same time, hopefully that will trick it into working.

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