Good source for laptop screen Inverter Board?

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I have an HP laptop here that suffers from intermittent screen flickering.
It also needs RAM, but I'm not investing in that until the screen issue is
resolved.  Right now I'm not using it, but it would sure be useful if
working correctly.

From reading, I'm 95% sure the problem is the inverter board, a PCB about
two inches square that is mounted in the lid behind the screen.  I've been
led to expect that these will be available in the $30-45 range.  HP support,
however, appears happy to have me order an entire screen for a couple
hundred, but does not list the inverter as a separate part.

The computer is an HP OmniBook XE3 GC and the screen measures about 14.2"
corner to corner of the visible part.

Can anyone tell me where I might find one of these?

Thank you,

Re: Good source for laptop screen Inverter Board?

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 20:19:23 GMT, "Pelysma"

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It likely has to be the right size and shape to fit in the
space alotted to it, since it's a miniaturized slim form
factor being in a laptop.  As such, unless you can pull that
board taking a part # and find that part with a websearch,
the remaining option is only to buy it from HP (or seller of
HP parts) or simply repair the faulty component on it if
that can be determined.

You might be able to have someone else fix it, a local
repair shop or someplace online like this;
though I dont' know the going rate, let alone cheapest place
to get that done.

Another option might be finding a cheap invertor for another
laptop in order to cannibalize it, repopulating your board
with the parts from the other invertor.

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