Good cheap DVD burner?

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What's the best cheap DVD burner these days?  It has to do everything, of
course, including dual layer in both formats.  The last drive I got like
this was the NEC ND-3550A for a different computer a few months back.  It
was only $35, and I'd say, a good deal.  I'm making another computer and I
want another drive like it.  Should I go with the ND-3550A again, or is
there some other drive by another manufacturer at a comparable price, but
is, say, faster or better?  Thanks.

~ Cyde Weys ~

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Re: Good cheap DVD burner?

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I like the LGs myself. Burners are now so cheap that its not
worth getting too anal about what is best value anymore.

Re: Good cheap DVD burner?

Cyde Weys wrote:

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Lots of in-depth reviews of optical drives can be found at, and local store prices can be found at and, for Black Friday, at (I know
that Staples will have one for $20, after rebate, then).

NEC DVD burners don't seem to be the best at reading marginal disks but
may be the best writers, and with a couple of ND-2500As and an
ND-35xxA, I couldn't read scratched DVDs and marginal DVD+RWs that were
handled with ease by a BenQ 1640, BTC, and BenQ/TEAC DQ-60.

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