GOLD X USB Network Cable

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I'm trying to conjoin two IBM compatible PC's, so I can have  both at
my disposal on my computer desk. I want to buy the referenced Network
Cable, but just not sure about ONE THING.Instructions state that it is
compatible with,   WIN98SE  -  WIN MILLENIUM  -  WIN2000PRO and the WIN
2000 PRO Server.

But alas, I am using WIN XP HOME.  Am I S.O.L ???  Would it be


Re: GOLD X USB Network Cable

Mike wrote:
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1) How are you managing to network two computers with one
    USB cable? I don't see how this is possible and suspect
    that you have a larger problem then OS compatibility.

2) There's no reason that a USB cable should have any OS
    dependence.  I suspect that the packaging for that
    cable was simply printed before Windows XP had been

3) "Gold" cables are basically a marketing ripoff.  If
    you're getting a good deal, fine, but there's no reason
    to pay extra for gold.

Re: GOLD X USB Network Cable

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I think he is referring to something like this: /

The driver package on that page, mentions M5633. Which apparently
is an ALI chip. And the chip is not acknowledged on this page:

Since Prolific also makes a ping-pong USB chip suited for
networking two PCs, it could be there were patent issues.

I also noticed in a previous research into this topic, that
another USB2 version of the ping-pong thing had disappeared
from the market. There still seem to be some USB1 versions

The big questions would be:

1) Is the chip used in the USB cable still in production ?
2) Does the company that made the chip, still support it
   with drivers ? Do they have a WinXP driver version ?
3) If the driver had problems, would they fix them, if the
   chip is no longer in production ?

WinXP support is mentioned for this chip (Prolific 2501).
If you can figure out which chip is in a particular product,
you might have a better idea about support. /

I guess its just another caveat emptor thing (buyer beware).


Re: GOLD X USB Network Cable


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Are you dead set on that particular make and model of cable

How about this one?

... or there are others out there, just Google for "WinXP
USB Network cable"

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