Gigabyte K8 Triton RAID Boot Issue

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I have a Gigabyte K8 Triton motherboard and am using the on-board SATA
RAID to do RAID-1 mirroring of two 200 GB ATA150 hard drives (the drives
are Maxtor 6L200S0's).

I have also noticed this problem when only one drive is installed
(without RAID-1 being configured).

I have upgraded the motherboard BIOS to the latest F5 version, though I
had the problem with the original version as well.

When the machine boots, the BIOS hands off control to the ALi RAID BIOS
and it scans the SATA bus for the two drives. It displays a "o" if it
finds a drive and an "x" if it does not. It displays a "." while it's
searching. There is usually only 1 dot between x's and o's.

The problem is that occassionally (I can't recreate consistently) the
machine hangs looking for a drive. The hard drive light on the front of
the PC is turned on while it's looking. I then have to hard reset the
machine and it usually goes right through this time.

When it works, it takes almost no time for it to find the drives.

What could be the problem? Is it fixable?

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Re: Gigabyte K8 Triton RAID Boot Issue

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