Gigabyte GA-7zx R1.01 and XP

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Any other GA-7zx R1.01 users out there who are running XP SP2?

I read somewhere that the MB might not be compatible with XP?

Does updating the bios with bios_7zx_fg.exe solve that problem?

What is your experience? Thanks for any helpful answers.

(xposted cuz this is an uncommon board old board)

Re: Gigabyte GA-7zx R1.01 and XP

How could it not be compatible with XP?  What is your specific problem?

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Re: Gigabyte GA-7zx R1.01 and XP

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:49:48 +0000 (UTC), Ferdinand

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Seems unlikely it would be XP in general, though there were
some changes in bios needed for old boards (usually older
than that, around 1999(?)) to support ACPI or some other
power management present in Win2k and newer.

Perhaps better to just link to the source of the info that
it might not be compatible.

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Unknown since there is no mention of it on the bios notes,
but for "fg" it did mention adding support for 137GB HDD
(48bit LBA support) so it seems quite desirable to go ahead
and flash the newer bios unless you're sure you'd never use
a drive over 120GB in size... and as always there is a
chance they have made more changes and fixes to that bios
than are listed, but to be on the safe side it is a good
idea to make a backup of the present bios to a bootable disk
so if you need to back out of the new bios you can reflash
the old one.

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Gigabyte does list XP drivers available for chipset and
sound so it seems likely you can get it to work, why not try
installing XP and see how it goes?

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