Gfx card problems

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Ive had my graphics card (PYN Geforce 6600 GT APG) for a number of
months now but ive finally decided to do something about it. Im not
quite sure whats up with it exactly so ive recorded a little video of
what happens...
This only happens when im playing 3d games... yet cs:sourse will work
in 800x600 res in lowest possible graphics settings. After what you can
see on screen the computer completly crashes and have to reboot the
system manually.
Firstly, ive checked my power supply and changed it, still the same
problems occur. Then after that formatted whole computer and still the
problem occurs with the new drivers. Tried loads tbh... taking out
sound card, turning off on board sound, both.. checking ram.
so finally cant be bothered with the blunder from it and asking for
help :)

Thanks in advance

Re: Gfx card problems

On 8 Nov 2005 16:47:55 -0800, wrote:

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Is the replacement a known adequate quality name-brand or a

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Shouldn't be sound related.

Are you overclocking the card?
Does anything similar happen in other games?
Which games?

Are you sure it's running cool enough?  Check the fan.
If you feel comfortable doing it, you might remove the
heatsink and check the thermal grease, reapplying it if
necessary.  If the card is still under warranty, proceed
with caution as this "could" be interpreted as voiding the
warranty by some manufacturers so if there is a warranty you
might seek to have it replaced.

You might also use Coolbits (or rivatuner or whatever) to
underclock the card some to see if the problem persists.

Re: Gfx card problems

I had the same problem with my Leadtech GF6600GT. It was set to
"Auto-overclock" and, as such, produced the flashing "artifacts" that you
see on your Black&White2 game. It's definitely a temperature issue, I set
mine back to default and it was fine. I was running Doom3 at quite a hi-res
and it would only ever produce the artifacts when running higher than the
default. I improved the cooling on the case and this helped (I could
literally see improvements just by taking the side off the case) - Mine is
PCIe, are you running a PCIe or AGP?

Hope that helps?


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