getting a memory chip replacement for Gateway 450ROG Model notebook

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The manual
mentions to use only memory modules designed for Gateway 450ROG or
450RGH on pgae 87

 From the components for this model
( ) at
I chose 5000639 - 512 MB DDR SODIMM Memory Module
( )

The main view is
and specifications are

Looked at but since
the notebook
is old(5+ years) I cannot find any components for this notebook model.

Did a quick search for PC-2100 CL2.5 200-pin DDR SO-DIMM  and found

3. I plan to get 2 512MB modules as I think the model can support 1GB RAM.

1. Would getting a RAM chip from above links be OK?

2. Can I ask for PC-2100 CL2.5 200-pin DDR SO-DIMM chip at any vendor
like Dell, HP, Crucial or I need to be aware of other things so that the
memory is compatible with this notebook?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: getting a memory chip replacement for Gateway 450ROG Model notebook

On 1/24/2011 10:23 AM, g wrote:
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Just as an aside:
"We" had a whole bunch of Lame Cow 450 ROG laptops at wurk about 5(?)
years ago. The reliability was poor at best.

One of the worst problems was when wurk upgraded from Win 95 (yes,
slower than molasses is our IT department, and then it was to XP).
Most of the 450 ROGs came with 512 mb RAM., which was OK with Win 95
(and patched for the "larger-than-384mb-RAM" issue).

When wurk decided to UG from 95 to XP, the IT folks came around with
boxes of SODIMMs to boost the RAM to at least 1 gig, and all were on
Gateway's "good list". I suspect it was even bought thru Gateway, as
"wurk" was pretty much "Gateway" oriented by purchasing.

A) 2/3rds of the fleet wouldn't accept the new RAM, and they crapped
dead when the original RAM was re-inserted.

B) The 450 ROG I was issued had hard-drive corruption problems less than
a month after I got it. IT had to "re-image" it with the corporate stock
load about every two weeks.

Both the above tell me the 450 ROG has/had some memory controller

Our "on-site IT support person" had over 30 450 ROG craptops staked
along the wall waiting for salvage paperwork at one time.

Wurk dumped Gateway as a laptop vendor over this, and they lost the
desktop contact about a year later for some similar problems.

I ended up dragging my old "Original Series" Panasonic ToughBook
(166 mhz, the one you could drive a SnoCat over it (and I did) and just
scratch the case) , as I knew I could trust it.

Don't waste your time on a 450 ROG.

The black flies were coming.
(Alastair Mayer in "Small Penalties")

Re: getting a memory chip replacement for Gateway 450ROG Model notebook

On 2/20/2011 6:26 AM, Nobody > (Revisited) wrote:
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Thanks for the suggestion. But, in this case we don't have a choice as
we cannot use it if its current memory is faulty and they were purchased
for some 1600(whoever got them before some 6 years) so we can't just
abandon them.

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