GeForce s-video jacks?

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Hello all...I'm having a problem.  Well, sort of.  I used to have a
GeForce 2 MX video card, with an s-video output, which was a standard
4-pin jack with which I could use standard s-video cables or
adapters.  Recently I bought a new card, a GeForce 6600 GT, which
also has an s-video output, but which IS NOT a standard 4-pin jack (I
believe it has 7 or 8 pins).  Isn't there supposed to be a standard
for this?  I mean, a regular RCA A/V plug always looks the same, so
does coaxial, so why would there be 2 kinds of s-video plugs/jacks?

My problem is that I already have an adapter (male s-video, female
RCA) so that I can use regular RCA cables.  Yes my TV has an s-video
input, but it's not close enough to the computer to use only one
cable, so for me it was more convenient to use my existing RCA cables
and simply use my adapter.  However, now, I can't use my adapter
anymore as it doesn't fit on the back of my card. There is an s-video
cable that came with the card with one standard 4-pin connector on
one end (I guess to plus into the TV input) and the "not-so-
standard" 7 or 8 pin connector on the other end (to plug into the
video card output).  But as I said, my computer is too far away from
the TV to use a single cable and I don't necessarily want to shell
out $100 worth of s-video cables and extensions, and I can't use my
adapter with the cable that's provided with the card, as the
adapter's s-video connector is a male.

Does anyone know of any suggestions?  I guess I'll have to buy
another adapter and/or more s-video cables, which just sort of pisses
me off a little...  But I'd at least like to know why companies are
using non-standard jacks/connectors :)

Thanks! (Sorry for the length of the post...)

Re: GeForce s-video jacks?

Eric wrote:

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No need to panic. All you need is a simple female-to-female S-Video
adapter. it's a simple $3 item. I'm not sure about yopur local Radio Shack
(have not seen well-stocked ones in a while), but there is tons of that
stuff online:

When you are at it, just grab yourlsef an extra S-Video male-to-male
extension cable that, combined with the length of the proprietary video
card cord, will let you reach the TV. Try to stay within 50' limit. The
less the better, obviously, so don't over-size the extension cord.

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