GeForce MX 4000 unclear on flat screen

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Just installed above on my dual processor (not dual core) XP Pro
machine, have a Samsung Syncmaster 913 flat screen that I recent bought
and screen is not as clear as my old graphics card.  Old card is about
8 years, and was cheap then.

Some of the text is 'shadowy', but generally less clear and giving me a
headache, I use it all day every day for work.

I have on higest screen resoultion 1280 x 1024 which gives most

I have tried various settings change, but it gets worse.

Any suggestions as to how to I can improve by settings change etc.?

Re: GeForce MX 4000 unclear on flat screen

DavidADEW wrote:
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Three Possibilities: Flat screens really only like to be set at their
native resolution. Which you have already set. So that eliminates THAT

Drivers: Did you intstall them? WinXp has this habit of not caring if a
dirver is installed, and you get full colors anyhow. But there are
possible side effects.

Anti-aliasing. Try toggling that. It's in the same applet as the
display settings.

and lastly:

You have the NVIDIA Smear Of Doom. It means you need a new card. Nvidia
cards just age like this. They go for gamers: live fast, die young.

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