Gateway mt3707 Notebook will not recogonize drives XP pro

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Hi all,

I'm having a problem here getting the laptop to recognize the drivers.
I reformatted the HD from vista basic to XP pro. I went to the gateway
website and looked for the xp ethernet drivers for model laptop and I
wasn't able to find anything that works. Every driver I have installed
cannot be recognized.

Here are the current specs for the laptop

'Gateway Support - MT3707 Notebook Specifications'
( )

Has anyone ran into this problem before with any laptop and what was
the solution?

Re: Gateway mt3707 Notebook will not recogonize drives XP pro

jp0213x wrote:
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This motherboard may be similar to the one in your machine.

    * North Bridge: ATI RC415MD
    * South Bridge: SB460
    Networking: Marvell 88E8088 10/100

I tried the Marvell site, and nothing for a driver. I tried to track
down info on the SB460 (in case there is Ethernet in there, and the
reference to the Marvell part, is to a PHY and not a MAC), and I cannot
find anything on it either (i.e. any real detail, as opposed to fluff).

A general search on 88E8088 yields nothing. It must be a relatively new
chip. Existing vendor/device codes for Marvell chips are listed here.
Because this list is compiled by hand, it isn't likely to be complete.

I would start by using a copy of Everest, to verify what devices show
on the "PCI" bus (meaning PCI or PCI Express). You are looking for something
with Vendor = 11AB and a Device code = 43xx, where the xx is not something
you can find in the PCI-IDS list above. I'm not saying that knowing the
VEN/DEV is going to open a lot of doors for you, but maybe searching on
the VEN and DEV numbers might turn up some Linux references, as to when the
chip was introduced and what chip it most resembles.

Now, assume there is no driver, and no way to contact either Gateway or
Marvell. If you want to plug in an Ethernet device, you have a couple
options. You have an ExpressCard slot (barf), meaning you have a selection
of expensive Ethernet cards to choose from. Maybe if you are a rich guy,
this doesn't bother you too much. You would want to buy a product that
claims to support all the OSes you are interested in, a product that
comes with a driver CD.

A slightly cheaper solution, is there are some USB to Ethernet adapters,
which allow getting Ethernet connectivity, on machines that have only
USB sockets. Apparently, there is support in the OS for the device, so
it is supposed to just plug in and work for WinXP. Once you have the
laptop connected to the net, there may be a few more possibilities for
finding a driver. (Maybe a check of Windows Update ? I would never take
a driver from there, but it would be interesting to see if anything is

Good luck,

Re: Gateway mt3707 Notebook will not recogonize drives XP pro

On Sun, 10 Jun 2007 13:01:26 -0500, jp0213x

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On this page (found by Googling this:

is the following quoted  post (in it's entirety) which by
following the link and inputting the driver file name into
Gateway's search box, turns up this direct download link to
the Marvel driver  (2.73MB):


I'm assuming you mean delete Vista and install XP. I just
did this. Here is the info you need.

The audio driver can be found at:

The wifi driver is at:

All other drivers are at:

Drivers you need:

D00584-001-002.exe - Realtek Wireless LAN Wireless Network
version 5.1060.0413.2006
D00516-002-001.exe - Marvell Network Driver Version:
D00671-001-001.exe - ATI Chipset Driver version: ATI
D00620-001-001.exe - Realtek Media Card Reader Driver
D00670-001-001.exe - Agere Modem Driver version: 2.1.72
D00669-001-001.exe - Synaptics Touchpad Driver version:
D00680-001-001.exe - ATI Video Driver version: 8.283

D00560-002-001.exe Sigmatel Audio Driver Version:

I believe these drivers also work for the MT3705


Re: Gateway mt3707 Notebook will not recogonize drives XP pro

The links didn't work for me but when I searched on the filenames on
the Gateway website, I found everything.  All of the drivers worked
perfectly.  Thank you for such a helpful post.


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