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I'm going to be building/buying a high-end gamer system similar to:

Wanted to get opinions. Also, is one graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce
9800GX2 1GB) better than the performance I could get with two in SLI?

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I just do budget gaming machines under $500, so take my advice w/ a
grain of salt. :-)

You will be able to build a similar computer yourself for quite a bit
cheaper, so you'd probably be wise to build it yourself.

Vista x64 is useful since you have the 4GB of RAM, but there's alot of
older games that have problems with the 64 bit, and occassionally
older hardware still doesn't function properly with Vista. I'd
personally dual boot w/ Win XP 32x. The quad processors shouldn't have
too many problems, as long as you're ok with forcing certain games to
run on one or two cores.

As far as specs go, this seems like a pretty sweet machine. The next
upgrade to a machine like this I'd use is a non-integrated sound

You'll get a boost with two cards, assuming you're not just cutting
the specs of the one card in half (I.E. using 2x 512MB cards instead
of 1x1024MB cards), but you probably already know that. Adding a
second 9800GX2 probably won't improve your beast all that much at this
point, since you'll be maxed out, but you can add a 2nd once the games
catch up and the price comes down a bit. Unless you like obscenely
high resolutions, then get one now.

Re: gaming system advice

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 02:19:00 -0700, sillyputty thoughfully wrote:

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Yeah, I agree with the other poster.  

For the cost you could build your own machine with about the same parts
for less.  
$500 for 1TB HD
$500 for 9800 GX2
$1000 for Qx9770 extreme and m/b
$150  for 4GB memory

Add for Vista, case and DVD and that the same machine less time and

Also, keep in mind the kind of games you'll want to play.  My homebuilt
$800 PC, nVidia 8600 GT, 2GB memory, AMD X2 6000, XPpro can play Crysis
1600x1050 no problem and Blu-Ray HD videos.

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