Gainward 8800 or Leadtek 8800

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I need to buy a new graphic card, but I'm not sure which is better?

Thank You for any help.

Re: Gainward 8800 or Leadtek 8800

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 17:22:13 +0200, Sunn

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Link to the spec pages so we don't all redundantly spend
time looking them up.  A linke to a nice big picture of each
might help too in case there are fan or heatsink

Re: Gainward 8800 or Leadtek 8800

Sunn wrote:
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If the products are listed on, every product has some
customer reviews. Sometimes the reviews aren't very thorough
or meaningful, but other times, if a product is really bad,
like a lot of hardware failures, you can find out right away
from those reviews. Or if the fan is noisy, there'd be lots of

When you're spending a lot for a video card, the warranty makes
a difference. Some companies have excellent warranty service,
while others actually make it hard to get in touch with them
(Diamond). So review the feedback people have to offer on
what it takes to get warranty service, as part of your selection.
Maybe one card is cheaper than another, because there is no
effective warranty.

Also, when buying some of the new video cards, check out the
dimensions of the card. There are some cards that I would have
trouble fitting into my computer case, so I cannot buy them.
Make sure the thing is going to fit, unless you plan on
buying a new case as well.

You can get power numbers from here:


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