GA-8IPE1000 Pro3 - CPU fan mounting holes?

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I have a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro3 motherboard and I need a new CPU fan.
All the fans that appeal to me look like they require a CPU mounting
bracket/holes in the motherboard, but off hand I don't recall seeing

Does anybody happen to know for certain if I can use a CPU fan that
mounts this way or do I need a CPU fan that mounts on the socket like
the (now failing) Intel one I currently use?

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Re: GA-8IPE1000 Pro3 - CPU fan mounting holes?

On Mon, 02 May 2005 16:44:37 -0600, DevilsPGD

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You "need" a fan or want one but don't actually need it?
Fan means heatsink, right?

I ask because if only the _fan_ failed you may be able to
buy only a fan.

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Your board has a heatsink mounting bracket, right?
I would hope it's attached by holes & pins, it IS the more
common method.  That means you can either use a 'sink with
the clips, or remove the whole, original bracket...
depending on the 'sink you choose.  

What sink(s) did you have in mind?

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Unless you find the original heatsink insufficient, that
your CPU was overheating, you might consider trying to find
just a new fan for it.  There are a number of ways to mount
a new fan depending on your resourcefulness.  Even in
worst-case situations a 1/8" drill bit can drill 4 holes in
corners of the 'sink then use nylon wire-ties (or even some
solid-strand < 16 ga. wire ) to strap it down.  

While that might seem sub-optimal, it may be just the
opposite, to be able to replace only the part needing it
with the exact fan you want at lowest cost is a good thing,
IMO... not to mention that prying the current heatsink off
of the CPU can be a pain if you used the original thermal
pad instead of heatsink compound.

Does your board look similar to this?

Re: GA-8IPE1000 Pro3 - CPU fan mounting holes?

On Tue, 03 May 2005 04:16:59 -0600, DevilsPGD

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There were quite a few brackets pictured for that 'sink.
Your motherboard's heatsink frame does mount through holes
in the board if it's like the previous picture- and all of
them that I recall do, but the remaining question is whether
one of the mounting brackets is the right size and that
Gigabyte used the standard mounting holes (as all should,
but because they supply the frame they could break spec and
do it however they wanted to).  I would guess "yes it will
work" but not having that board it would only be a guess.

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