FSB speed on Chaintech 7VJL5

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I am experimenting with a Chaintech 7VJL5 MOBO with Amd Athlon XP
2600+ Thoroughbred CPU & PC3200 512 (single) DDR.

No matter what MOBO jumper setting I choose (JP2 & 3) I cannot get a
FSB faster than 333.  I can get 266, but not 400.  In fact some pin
combos cause me to not be able to even boot.

Has anyone experience with this MOBO?  If so,  do you get 400?


Re: FSB speed on Chaintech 7VJL5

Says here it doesn't go that fast;

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: FSB speed on Chaintech 7VJL5


Quoted text here. Click to load it

It uses KT400A chipset.  That chipset can't do 400 FSB
except on a limited number of boards that have more advanced
overclocking features.  The "400" in KT400A denotes it's
ability to run a DDR400 (aka 200MHz/PC3200) memory bus speed
which is asynchronous to the (maximum) DDR333 FSB speed.

If the board has multiplier changing options, those would be
your other alternative for raising the CPU speed.

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