front panel connectors and acer woes ....

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Hi all,

I'm replacing an Acer (VT7100 - s58m) board with something
updated and non-acer. My problem is the front panel usb
connectors.  Since the acer usb plug is the other way round
(like the rest of acer crap), I've slightly modified the connector
and connected the VC -, D-, D+ and GRD only (x2), thereby
cutting off the "pinless" and extra ground part for the
new mobo pinouts. Any which way, windows tells me that
there's an error with the device and will not read it (mem stick).

I've tested the cables and also the mobo USB out with another
front panel array. My question is whether the Acer: "s58m
audio/usb board" somehow needs to identify itself with an acer
motherboard for it to be of any use. Other ID's on the little
board are as follows:
..... and on the other side:
HL2-VO   94V-0
0026   P070A
FWIW, The USB and audio sockets are Foxconn (027b's for USB)

I've found nothing on the net, but maybe someone here has
had a similar challenge.


Re: front panel connectors and acer woes ....

Hi there.  I have a similar problem.  I have a tyan S2098 board
installed and the front (acer) connector is the same one you have.  I
have connected the usb ports, they seem to work with some things and not
with others.  But I can't seeem to figure out what I need to do to
connect the audio. I am fairly adept at working with electronics, so I'm
not afraid to make some modifications.  Did you ever figure out how to
add audio to your front panel connector?  Perhaps we can trade help,
email is



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