Front Panel Audio...PLease HELP

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I just put together a new computer and the case has front panel audio.
I can't figure out how to connect it. I don't want to mess something
up. Here is what I have:

From my case:

Blue wire = L-out
green wire = R-out
yellow wire = GND
orange wire = mic in L
red wire = mic in R
brown wire = GND

The pins on my Mother Board are:

Pin 1 = mic in
Pin 2 = Aud GND
Pin 3 = mic VREF
Pin 4 = Aud Vcc
Pin 5 = FPOUT R
Pin 6 = RET R
Pin 7 = (key)
(no pin 8)
Pin 9 = FPOUT L
Pin 10= RET L

MAN, PLEASE HELP ME (before I go nuts).

Which wires go to which pins.

Thank you, and I'll leave the light on for you!!

Re: Front Panel Audio...PLease HELP

(jeffapp) wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Pin 1 = mic in     <--- mic_in_L
Pin 2 = Aud GND    <--- GND + GND
Pin 3 = mic VREF   <--- mic_in_R
Pin 4 = Aud Vcc
Pin 5 = FPOUT R    <--- R-out
Pin 6 = RET R
Pin 7 = (key)
  (no pin 8)
Pin 9 = FPOUT L    <--- L-out
Pin 10= RET L

Mic_in_L is the "tip" of the microphone connector. It is
the real (mono) input for the microphone.

Mic_in_R is the "ring" contact (the middle one). It is
connected to the microphone_power signal, which you have
named as mic_VREF. Usually that is a voltage source with
a 2.2K ohm resistor in series with it. That gives a
current limited source of power. Electret microphones
usually join the "tip" contact and "ring" contact
together, and then when you speak into the microphone,
it modulates the voltage at the end of the 2.2K resistor.

Make sure that pin 4, the "Aud_Vcc" is not connected
to anything. It is a raw source of voltage, which is
not suited for connecting directly to an audio connector.

The GND is a bit of a problem here. You would hope that the
ground signals of the microphone and headphone jacks are
joined together at the front panel. If they were joined
together, you would only need to connect one GND wire to
the "Aud_GND" pin. If the two GND wires are not joined
together, you will have to cook up a way for both GNDs
to get connected. Test the jacks, and see which jack
works when only one GND is connected.

As for R-out and L-out, ideally you would connect R-out to
both FPOUT_R and RET_R. That would allow the front headphones
and the rear speakers on the green connector, to work at
the same time. If R-out is only connected to FPOUT_R, then
the green connector on the back of the computer stops working.
The same rules apply for the left channel, and you would
want FPOUT_L and RET_L both connected to L-out, to get
both the front headphones and the rear speaker output to

Your computer front panel wiring is about as far from
compliant as you can get :-) (Intel defined that 2x5
header pinout, but a lot of computer cases don't support
it properly.)


Re: Front Panel Audio...PLease HELP

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated !!!!!!!

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