Frequent hang!

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I got a PC which it frequently hang all the while. In a day I will get about
10 or more hang-up. The hang does not seems to be from the OS point of view
since before this under Windows98 it hangs. Upgrade to Windows 2000 or
Windows XP, it still hangs. The hang-up causes the whole system to freeze. I
can't even do CTL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+Shift+ESC to shutdown processes. The only
thing I could do is just to reboot the system. The hang also does not create
any log file on Windows 2k and XP event viewer. I suspect the memory having
problem and did a memtest86. The result does not shows the memory having

What other tools or method I could use to determine what causes the system
to hang frequently? What hardware should I take note on such a hang.

Any further required information, please ask.


Seng Tjaun

Re: Frequent hang!

could be Heat/PSU/FaultyMB, also check all power/data connections to
drives/otherstuff, check your motherboard is grounded properly to

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