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Re: foxconn 600A01-6LRS cooks video cards

Xam wrote:
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Well, the PSU looks to be in good nick.  It's a Auriga 9806B with a hard
power 1/0 switch.  Although it's only 300 watts total, (+12v 10A) (-12v
0.8A) (+5 VSB 2A), with 160 watt for the +5v(30A) -5v(0.5A) & +3.3v(14A)
rails combined.

I still haven't rung up the owner to ask more closely about it's
history.  Although that might now have to weight till tomorrow.

Thanks for your help Kony.
As I said to Paul, I really do appreciate you guys giving up your time
to help people who you will probably never even meet.


Re: foxconn 600A01-6LRS cooks video cards

I must have just been lucky to get that board to run at all.  Because I
thought, well I may as well try the Readon in it one more time (since it
does just fine on my ASUS board), as it may have just been a seating
problem.  But now I can't get it to do more than give a very short and
quiet sort of buzz with the LAN lights momentarily going out when the
power button is pressed, with either card in it in any PCI slot.  Just
like it did when I first got it.  So I might have to declare this one
officially dead.

At least I did manage to burn all the files he wanted to CD.  The
hardest part of which was to find a patch for Outlook before I could
export his address book.

Oh well, thanks for all the help guys.  I did learn a few thing about
mother boards along the way too.  Although AGP/PCI/IDE are nearly now,
or very soon to be as obsolete as ISA is today.  When was the last time
anybody here saw a going computer with even one ISA slot? (-:

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