formatting compaq presario sr1303wm

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formatting the hd thru c# gives me a option to dismount a running

i have tried the system recovery disk's
i have tried system av.kaspersky av.avg av.

none of these programs restore my system back to the full potential it
was when i bought it

have used several registry fixes task list

i have googled this "dismounting a process" and with no luck just
sends me to compaq website which has no other way but use system
recovery which isnt fixing my slow pc

i have found abundent trojans such as haxdoor, gabot worm alcan.a worm
to many to count halkern attacks, several port scans

all this leads me to believe that something is hiding deep in my
system that all above software is overlooking as a normal and safe

any help on whether or not to go ahead with this dismounting the
process during formatting would b appreciated

i am running xp home i have a xp pro cd but doesnt boot after restart
and will not install for it says my version of windows in newer

just need to find or remove whatever is holding my system up

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