Format or not?

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Here's the question. I am upgrading from 32 bit to 64bit, New motherboard,
cpu 64bit x2 core 6000 and memory. I am hoping that I don't have to reformat
my two hard drives and reload windows and all my software. Can I do just a
repair for windows to pick up the new hardware or will it just run when I
fire up????????

help please


Re: Format or not?

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  If you run it under a 32 bit OS, like the normal XP,
it will function the same as before.  If you run it with
a 64 bit OS, like XP Pro 64, you will need 64bit
drivers for your hardware and 64bit versions of some
of your software.


Re: Format or not?

If I were you I would do a back-up before installing a new widows over
the top of your current system.  Just in case :)

Re: Format or not?

I certainly can't see the need to re-format

Re: Format or not?

WHENEVER you change the motherboard that a harddrive with the OS on it has
used, then you MUST reformat the harddrive and do a fresh install of the OS.
Otherwise you can look forward to ongoing Registry errors and data



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Re: Format or not?

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Not true.. if you go into device manager and delete everything under system
before you remove the old board, it should re-detect the new hardware..
failing that a repair installation would probably work..


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