Forcing router to 10 half duplex

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Is there a wireless router available that I can force into 10 half
duplex?  I've tried several, without success.

I live in an apartment complex that provides free internet.  However,
the only way that my network cards (I have 3 different computers) can
recognize the network is if I force the setting into 10 half duplex.
Auto negotiate does not work!  I was told by the apartment manager that
this is a known problem because this is an old network system.
Consequently, the routers that I have purchased are unable to recognize
this network.  I'm guessing that it also needs to be forced into 10
half duplex to function.

Any suggestions?

Re: Forcing router to 10 half duplex

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You might try and see if you can locate one of the older dumb hub or bridges
(not router) that only supports 10 and not 10/100.  I have run into
situations where inserting a 10 only bridge between the in-house network and
any subsequent router or wireless access point cleared up this type of
problem.  It's not elegant but hey, what ever works.

You might be able to locate one of these older units at a used computer
store or  pawn shop.

If you have been around computers for a while you might already have one of
these old units in a closet somewhere.

Re: Forcing router to 10 half duplex

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You might be able to get a cheap 10/100 autosensing hub/switch to put
inbetween your apartment's internet connection and your router to
essentially act as a repeater.  

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