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The solution is to initially access it with either a static
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Many thanks for your assistance Floyd.. some of what you said, previously,
was very helpful to me

I took my laptop in with a dynamic IP address, logged into the router's
software to enter the settings for the ISP.. and got an Internet/ broadband
connection, instantly.

Then.. connected the router to one of the client's PCs.. no good..... found
network's static addresses range from  to
the  router's address is

Changed the client PC address temporarily, to still no
connection.. .set to dynamic addressing.. instant on!  Client must have
static addressing though.

I'm out of my depth now and although I see routing address sections in the
router's web based software.. I really don't know what I'm doing now/or
doing wrong!!!

can the router feed the broadband on demand via static IP or must it decide
what IP addresses the network uses?


thanks again



Re: For Floyd L Davidson Wireless /Router Help

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It can, but getting the routing matched to the IP addresses is a
problem, and I personally never bothered to figure out how to do
it from the GUI interface.

My solution was to ignore the GUI interface, load third party
firmware (I recommend DD-WRT) and use normal Unix systems
administration techniques to delete the automatically generated
route table and build a custom table to my own specifications.
That is basically exactly the same as it would be done on any
Unix based router.

So...  the short answer is I don't how to do that with the GUI,
though I suspect it can be done.  I do know a way that is easy if
you know unix and have third party firmware.  If you'd like, I
can list how that is done!

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