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ok, so I am lame for buying a dell pc, but where else can you get a quad 8200,
8gb ram, and a 500 gb drive for under $600.  i just cannot build a basic machine
with separate components.

anyways, i just wanted to know what type of mobo i was getting and here is the
transcript of a recent talk with a dell online chat support person.

just too funny!!!!  

Initial Question/Comment:
 7:41:18 PM        System      System     
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
 7:41:18 PM        System      System     
Connected with BE_XPS_Rep_Mark
 7:41:23 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
Hi Jeff. Welcome to Dell's XPS Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well and thank
you for waiting. My name is Mark and I will be your personal sales agent today.
Feel free to email me at or leave me a message at
1800-379-3355 ext. 2160085, from 8AM CST – 12 CST. Please provide your e-mail
address and phone number where I can contact you in case we get disconnected. To
better serve you, Dell now offers Secure Payment via Chat for our chat
customers! How may I help you with your purchase today?
 7:41:26 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
 7:41:55 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
i am ordering a desktop and wondered what are the raid options for this
machine:Studio Desktop
Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor Q8200 (4MB L2, 2.33GHz, 1333FSB),
 7:42:46 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
Can you give me the link instead to make sure we are on the same page please?
 7:42:47 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
more specifically, does the motherboard support sata raid?
 7:43:10 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno
 7:44:32 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
okay, this seems to be the link in your cart. Can you click back until you are
on the page of the configuring stage?
 7:45:43 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno
 7:46:36 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
Thank you.
 7:46:38 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
maybe it would help if you could provide me with the details of the motherboard
itself. that is the hardest thing to find on dell's site
 7:47:36 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
it is usually an intel mobo and i could investigate through their site
 7:48:00 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
We do not carry infromation on that since we use different types for each
configuration and there is too many to track it, but I see here there is no
option for a raid configuration.
 7:50:19 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
no,no, no. when buying a pc, a person should absolutely be able to ascertain
exactly what type of motherboard one is buying. 645, 945, etc....
 7:51:09 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
I understand, let me check what info we can give on this instead.
 7:51:42 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
who do i need to talk to for technical info related to motherboards being sold
in certain desktops
 7:52:44 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
you can try calling the tech support department or customer service for that
information, checked on it as well and we do not have that information available.
 7:56:01 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
calling into phone support is pretty much worthless. this type of question
should be fairly straightforward and this info should be readily available. for
my configured system, would you then provide me with the mobo model number?
 7:56:08 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
I can see that you are typing I will wait.
 7:58:43 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
I already have checked on it Jeff no information is available on that model or
part number.
 8:01:53 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
ok, let's try this. ask one other person around to see if they have any idea
what type of motherboard dell is installing in the computers. i have bought over
20 dells for fellow coworkers in this past year alone. i have several myself. i
have always been able to get the mobo specs some way or the other. i would like
to know what they are putting in the newest ones. the mobo would have to
accomodate the latest quad processors.
 8:02:32 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
Okay, please give me 2 minutes.
 8:02:57 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
great, thank you
 8:07:54 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
Thank you for waiting.
 8:08:29 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
no problem, i appreciate the extra effort
 8:10:31 PM        Agent      BE_XPS_Rep_Mark     
I have verified this from my manager and found out that the mother boards are
Dell manufactured as well so it will be the same as all other models. It is
capable of a quad core processor as well, the raid configuration is possible as
well however it will be software based only.
 8:13:53 PM        Customer      jeff nyluno     
tell your manager he is full of it. the mobos are made directly by Intel and
then just tweaked by dell for sale. dell does not make these motherboards.  
thanks for your time and have that manager fired.

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