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Re: Follow-up: Computer with replacmeent CPU POSTS but doesn't boot.

micky wrote:
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There is a picture of your motherboard here.

The chipset consists of the Northbridge and Southbridge.

Your Southbridge says "VIA" on it, and is in the lower left of the photo.
Since it dissipates 2W or less, they don't bother with a heatsink. Due to
the relatively low speed of the operating circuits in some of those
older chips, the power consumed was rather low. Even my ICH5 on the
Pentium 4 motherboard, manages to run just fine without a heatsink.

The Northbridge is underneath the fan thing. The fan is likely to be
about 40mm on edge, but it would be a "thin" fan. If I were to go to
my local real electronics store (not Radio Shack), they carry 40mm fans,
but the thick ones (one inch tall or so?).

This is an example of a thin replacement. I have an ARX Ceradyne here,
and it does spin at around 6000 RPM and the noise is annoying as hell.

Your motherboard is also depicted in some of the pictures, as having
no fan. Here, you can see a heatsink with two plastic push-pins.
But no fan. If the Athlon cooler blows down onto the motherboard,
you get some cooling air for the heatsink from that.

The lack of a fan, bounds the power consumption of the Northbridge.
For both pictures to exist, that tells me the fan is borderline unnecessary.
Many replacement cooling solutions would work, if you needed one.


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