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I have a Dell, P-4. XP, SP2, 80 gig drive, 1 gig memory.

When I first boot, memory load is about 30%.  After running a few days,
memory load increases sometimes up to 70%.  Rebooting flushes out the menory
back to 30%

Question: is there a way to flush the menory without rebooting?


Dave C.

Re: Flushing memory

No.  It's a known design flaw in all Windows versions.

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Re: Flushing memory

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:12:21 -0400, "Dave C."

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First, what are you calling "memory load"?

Generally the right place to look at memory utilization is
the Performance Tab in Task Manager.  If you give us
specific examples of the figures listed there, specifically
the Commit Charge Total, Peak, and anything else you feel is
a direct indicator of a problem, it might help.

Unused memory is wasted memory.  You should want closer to
70% utilized than 30%.  The one exception might be if you
have a memory leak in some application(s), and if you do it
might better be seen by isolating your uses of the system to
only a few apps or to exclude a few (using alternative
applications for the tasks or foregoing the tasks entirely
for the test use period).

Yes there are applications that can recover some memory.
For example "Cacheman XP", though until there is a specific
problem there is no real need to flush the memory.

Re: Flushing memory

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Kony, I do not have any performance problems regarding the fact that 70% is
utilized.  But your comment about "unused memory is wasted memory" makes
sense.  Right now, from the Task Manager, Total memory:1047 meg, Available:
521 meg. It seemed to me that some programs should clean themselves a
little.  I run Word, Excel, Publisher, and a few others from Office 2000 as
well as MS Flight Simulator.

Thanks for the information.

Dave C.

Re: Flushing memory

"Dave C." wrote:
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Flush XP and mount Linux.  End of problem.

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