Flatbed scanner speeds

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I have a very occasional need for a flatbed scanner. For about
the same price, I can get either a new no-frills entry-level
scanner or a used HP Scanjet 6300c. The HP 6300c is an old model
that was, according to reviews, a versatile and blazingly fast
mid-range model when it was new 10 years ago. It also comes with
a document feeder and a film scanner. The optical resolution of
1200x1200 is more than good enough for me. (I have no need for a
multi-function device).

What I'd like to know, but can't find out, is how the 6300c
stacks up against current entry-level models for speed. One
review states that preview is 10 sec or less and scanning an 8x10
photo took 20 secs, but doesn't say at what resolution. I don't
have access to any current model to try out and couldn't find
figures for preview and scan speeds with a quick search. This is
where I'm hoping for some useful input here.

Re: Flatbed scanner speeds

Pimpom wrote:
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The 6300C specs list "45 seconds", in a way that leaves much to
the imagination.


Compare to a scanner I could find on Newegg for $190.


    A4 PDF to e-mail: 59 sec for single image scan

I may be a cynic, but I don't think that much has changed
in scanners. The reason reviewers don't mention actual
speeds, is they all suck :-)

Once you pay enough, that the scanning device is using
a camera sensor or equivalent, then the scan speed
goes up. I can find a scanner that lists "50 ppm"
as the scan speed, and comes with an ADF. But it's only
600 DPI, which is fine for office documents. But it is
seven times the price of the HP scanner with the 59 second
scan time.

My scanner takes about 2 minutes per page, but it's more than 10 years
old and has a SCSI interface. It's a "one pass" scanner, that
insist on doing "2 1/2" scans per image (one pass for contrast
check, slight head movement to scan calibration strip,
one pass to capture color document). I captured one
fifty page document, and it almost killed me :-)

Your new scanner should be able to beat that speed.


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