Flash drive conundrum solved

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Hello, again, all,

Thanks to the many respondents to my original post concerning a hacked
Chinese flash drive.  As I tried to explain, it was an eBay purchase of an 8
Gig flash drive that proved to be a fake.  I spent the better part of two
days (no problem, I'm retired) on the net trying to find that one utility
that would reprogram the flash.  I finally found it.  If you have a hacked
flash, and the controller is a Create controller, the utility is called
PDV1.08B3 and when you Google for it use this:  "i5127-PDV1.08B3.rar" and
you'll find a site with a link.  Download it, unzip it with 7-zip or your
favorite rar unzipper, then run it.  If you low level format the drive it
will determine its correct size and format it.  In my case the drive turned
out to be a 512 MB flash tricked into looking like an 8GB. Hope this helps
someone else.

As to cheap 8 GB flash drives on eBay: caveat emptor!  It appears that
they're all fakes.  Best, JG

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