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I own an acer aspire 1690 with 1g ram. Recently I suspected a virus so
I reformatted the harddrive and reinstalled windows xp media center.
In poor judgement.. I downloaded a flash bios utility from acer to
flash the bios with a video configuration. I chose the wrong
configuration to implement and now I cannot see the screen.  I can
tell the computer is working but the screen is not.  I've tried the
acer Irepair.. and all their email advice.  They are now recomending a
depot repair but i'd like to avoid  it $ if I can. Is there a boot
confuration that I can use in my a drive or cd rom. Can the chip be
Thankyou in advance.

Re: flash bios

On Mon, 1 Dec 2008 09:19:26 -0800 (PST), sw

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What exactly does this mean?  I understand the idea of flash
updating a bios, but what does "with a video configuration"
mean exactly?  More details like a link to this system's
specs at Acer and to where you got the bios from might be

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What does "chose the wrong configuration" mean?  Normally,
one picks the bios file linked as correct for their system
and flashes it.  What choice was involved and what
configuration are you referring to?

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We'd need more info to know exactly what has happened.

If something is wrong with only the video bios, perhaps a
video card or different video card can be put in the system
temporarily to flash a new bios.  If it was a bios flashed
to a video card, then putting a second video card in and
setting it as the primary video device should regain video
function so you can then reflash the other video card.

If it's entirely the wrong motherboard bios but the boot
block is intact, or if what you wrote means what it seems
to, that the computer is entirely working (not just turning
on and having the fans spin and LEDs light up) except for
video, then flashing the bios with the replacement video
card installed or from a connected floppy drive if it tries
to autoload a new bios from floppy, or if it's booted to
floppy with an autoexec.bat file calling the bios flasher
with switches to flash unattended, that would put the new
bios on the system without need to interact or see what is

Before you try anything else, unplug AC and use the clear
CMOS jumper on the motherboard.  If that is not enough,
unplug AC again and leave the battery out for 10 minutes
before retrying it.

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