Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

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Stupid me offered to have a look at a friends computer as I know a
little more than he does ( emphasis on the little).

According to him, the computer just would not power up one day.

It is a P4 motherboard ( ie latest type - about 18 months old). The
motherboard has power going to it as it has an LED light that comes

However, nothing else happens. When pressing the on button, absolutley
nothing happens - no fan on powersupply or CPU, nothing.

I tried using a differnt on switch just in case it was a switch
problem - no change.

I tried a new power supply, no change.

I am suspecting now a motherboard failure. Is there anything else I
can check?

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Re: Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

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It`s suspicious that the power supply fan isn`t coming on. Are you sure the
PS is working ?. Bend a paper clip U shaped and stick One end in the Green
wire on the MB plug, and stick the other end in any Black wire this will
trigger an ATX power supply on. You must of course have wall power on to do
best wishes..J

Re: Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:41:43 GMT He understood Liz1 so well  "old jon"

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And be in a,"Faraday" day with dry shoes ;-)

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Re: Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

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I have a different motherboard but if I found that if I pick the wrong
overclocking settings it too will not even try to power on.

Try unplugging the power cord and reset the motherboard bios (switch or plug
depending on model).

After doing the above to my system was able to recover from my bad choice in
the BIOS settings.

Re: Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

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First, remove and reseat the memory stick(s).

Second:  It's a longshot, but I had this same symptom several years ago when
a CD-ROM drive went bad.  When the drive was disconnected from the board,
the computer started working again. Try removing each drive, one at a time,
and try the power switch once with each drive disconnected.

After those two, clearing the BIOS starts to sound good to me.


Re: Fixing A Friends Computer - uh oh

Another approach; disconnect power to HD's, CD/DVD and floppy. Remove any I/O
cards except for video and disconnect
all external devices except keyboard and monitor. This should leave you with the
mother board, CPU, memory,video
card, monitor and keyboard. Try powering up. if it works you should get to the
bios display. If this is successful
start plugging things in one at a time to find the culprit.

Good Luck...John

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