Fellowes Model PT 825MS UPS

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I have a Fellowes Model PT 825MS UPS.  My system was left on for
two weeks recently, as I was in the hospital, and on return I find
a "check battery" light on, and the system provides no power
through the protected outlets, although the unprotected lines work.

I assume it needs a new battery.  Is this likely to be correct, and
if so can people make suggestions as to where to get one.  I picked
this unit up at a Staples sale for 10 or 15 dollars several years

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Re: Fellowes Model PT 825MS UPS

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 12:54:06 -0400, CBFalconer

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You should (later) check on the software and cabling, try to
determine why the system didnt' shut off when the battery
went low.  On second thought, it could be the UPS didnt' cut
out when the battery went low.

Try recharging it (with system unplugged).  If it still
won't hold a charge, I'd wonder if the UPS itself is working
right, draining a battery to shutoff point and sitting at
this (depressed but not flat) level for 2 weeks should not
kill the battery completely, it should still recharge to a
certain remaining capacity.

On the other hand, being "several years" old, that battery
was due for replacement anyway.

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It's worth a try I suppose, if you think the UPS does
shutoff properly... otherwise it might be better to replace
whole UPS.

Pull out the battery to see what it is.  In that size, they
are commonly two 7AH, 12V, or one or two 12AH, 12V.  It's no
guarantee though, see what's inside.  There should be a
model #, but note the dimensions and connector blade size.
Sometimes the more common 7AH type are either upgraded or
optimistically overrated for 8AH, for example,

Re: Fellowes Model PT 825MS UPS

kony wrote:
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Turns out that it recharged and turned off the 'check battery'
light after a period using it as a distribution box, rather than as
a UPS.  This indicates to me that it must be supplying all power
directly from the 12 (or whatever) V. battery, with no switchover
mechanism, and that the problem was purely being discharged.  Now
it just awaits a point where the CPU is turned off to return it to
UPS use.

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