Fed up with external HD

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Hi Folks,

I'm fed up with external HDs.  My Mybook500 doesn't work any more, and Disk
Dr. says it's a hardware failure that will cost $2,250 to fix and restore
data.  I tried out a Seagate 1.5 TB external HD and it also had problems, so
I returned it.

I'm considering buying an internal harddrive from Hitachi or IBM and putting
it in a generic enclosure.  But my only PC is a DELL notebook.  How do I
interface it to my notebook?

Re: Fed up with external HD

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???????? is there something I am missing here.

Re: Fed up with external HD

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008 20:37:09 -0800, "Vidbex"

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It's real simple.

#1, whatever enclosure you buy, buy one that has an
interface your notebook supports.

#2, Don't make an external enclosure your only backup.  Get
two external enclosures if necessary and keep one offline,
because a single external enclosure is not reliable enough
for a backup.

#3, If you choose an external enclosure that has a fan, you
decrease the odds the first failure point will be the hard
drive overheating.

Do you not have a desktop system?  That would be the most
reliable way to manage data storage.  Even better if it has
server-grade PSU and a good quality motherboard.  

If all else fails, categorize your data based on importance
and back up the most important parts to a USB thumbdrive,
because unless you remove it without proper ejection/caching
flushed to it, that is more reliable than anything else.
Since you have a notebook and most these days have an SD
card reader, that is another good option.

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