Faulty RAM or motheboard?

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About 1 yr ago, my PC became very unreliably (bluescreening almost
hourly) - the problem was faulty memory. We replaced the offending
memory module, and all was well. It's a year later now, and the
problem has resurfaced, although not as severely as before. I have
done some memory tests and now know it is once again the RAM that is
causing the bluescreens. Do you think I should just replace the memory
again, or would the fact it has happened twice indicate it is a
motherboard problem?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Re: Faulty RAM or motheboard?

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Obviously if you have faulty RAM, you have to replace it.
But, you could remove and re-install it to see if it`s just poor
You could also check your PSU, to make sure the output
voltages are correct/stable.

Re: Faulty RAM or motheboard?

On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 18:56:25 -0000, Rob Greig

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Test the memory in another system.  Unless you have a power
supply or motherboard fault, memory shouldn't be failing
like this, but memory errors in themselves are only a sign
of some kind of fault- not necessarily that the memory
module itself is bad (though it might have been the reason
last time, and may or may not be the reason this time).  To
have it run for an entire year inbetween the memory
problems, it doesn't seem likely that something is killing
the memory but took an entire year to do so.

You did not describe your PC, but I would start by examining
the motherboard and PSU capacitors.

Re: Faulty RAM or motheboard?

Try running memtest86+...

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