Fan stop spinning...

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I'm new you guys to this forum and i really need help! My computer
comes up to the desktop but after a minute or 2 it shuts off
completely and when i look at the back of my computer the fan at the
top is not spininng at all. When i stay on the login screen it doesn't
shut off it stays on and when i go into safe mode on my desktop it
stays on, but only when i am in normal mode it shuts off after 1-2
minutes. Do i need to replace my fan or do you think its something
else? HELP!!!!

Re: Fan stop spinning...

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:06:12 -0000, no@spam.invalid (jazzyb)

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Do you mean, after the system had shut off, or before it
shut off (the fan wasn't spinning)?

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See if you have a hardware monitoring program running that
is causing the fan to reduce in speed onto the point where
it fails.  Monitor temperatures and note whether fan
activity corresponds to a change in them.

Re: Fan stop spinning...

I think it could have been the dust that stopped it from turning and
caused it to overheat b/c it had alot of dust caked up on it and i've
had it for a couple years so would that mean i wuold need to buy a new
fan or what if that was the cause? And would you explain and break it
down a lil bit more in detail abuot how to test the fan on a 12v
supply, what is that? Thanks!

Re: Fan stop spinning...

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 11:07:11 -0000, no@spam.invalid (jazzyb)

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It would take massive amounts of dust to make a fan stop
spinning.  It is very unlikely, in only a couple years time
unless the owner desperately needs a room air cleaner.

Fans with tons of dust will usually spin fine, though enough
dust will significantly reduce airflow, not just from the
dust on the fan but on the other intake areas and acting as
an insulating layer over the other hot parts meant to be

The "usual" problem is not dust, it's just a cheap sleeve
bearing fan that had seized because it's bearing dried out.

Try to gently turn the fan blades with your finger (while
system is unplugged).  Does it turn (very very close to) as
easily as when the fan was new or does it feel stiff,
resistant to turning?  If it resists, take the fan out,
brush off the dust, then peel back the sticker over the
bearing, gently pop out the rubber plug and put in a couple
drops of thick oil.  If the fan was completely seized, let
it sit with the bearing facing upwards for a few minutes,
then gently rotate the blades to work the oil down into the

If the bearing looks really bad and the oil turns black, you
might even put a lot of oil in, rotate the blades several
times, then stick the edge of a folded paper towel into the
bearingway to absorb this dirty oil then add back more clean
oil, rotate the fan again and repeat the process until the
oil stays reasonably clean, then leave only a couple drops
worth in the bearingway instead of the much greater amount
used to flush out the bearing debris.

If the fan blades turn very easily the fan may have failed.
either way, if it seems the only problem is the fan then it
would be prudent to order another one at the next convenient
opportunity.  If the fan were seized and the oil allows it
to work again, it could continue working for a very long
time (especially if you periodically relube it again before
it gets this bad again) but it is a gamble how long it will
last, better to just replace it when possible with a better
quality fan.

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If you have a source of 12V power, just use wires or
connectors as needed to put +12V on the fan's positive
(usually red) wire and ground on the (usually black)
negative lead.  It is more likely that the fan failed from
lack of lubricant than that it electrically failed, unless
the fan failure resulted in such extreme temps that it then
damaged the fan further, but if it got that hot, whatever
was in the immediate vicinity being cooled is also likely to
be damaged from that heat so you might have more parts to

Re: Fan stop spinning...

Think I'd have a look in bios and monitor the temperature and voltage
for a couple of minutes, you'll see them flicker up and down a wee bit
but not dramatically, as said before it just 'might'  yield a clue.

If the fan blades move at the slightest touch and feels free then I
doubt it would be the fan, maybe the fan stops because the supply is
tripping due to some other fault causing the shut down.

You can appreciate it can be many things, the only way is to go
through them logically by process of elimination., after all you have
to start somewhere.

You can test fans easily by removing it and trying it on a 12V supply,
you must have the polarity right of course and a small wall wart
(wall adapter) will be ok for the purpose. Fans do collect dust...

... was the dust stopping it from turning in any way which could lead
to overheating??

The power unit is a good possibility, have you access to one if so try
it, it's gotta be same plugs etc... the wattage can be equal to or
greater than the one whats in but not

It could quite easily be the mobo or cpu.... but we must eliminate
things first collecting many clues as possible.

I mentioned the power cord because the ends are usually moulded and
sometimes they start to kinda arc creating a drop in voltage.... only
mentioned it in passing.


Re: Fan stop spinning...

so what you are saying is it might be a problem with my power cord or
the fan. I had major dust on the fan when i looked and that was the
first thing i thought it might be so i cleaned all the dust, but it
still didn't work. How would i test to see if its the power cord? And
if it is the fan how can i replace it on my own to save money of
getting someone else to do it. Thank you for your help!

Re: Fan stop spinning...

Hi, welcome to the group.
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shut off it stays on and when i go into safe mode on my desktop it
stays on, but only when i am in normal mode it shuts off after 1-2
minutes.When i stay on the login screen it doesn't shut off it stays
on and when i go into safe mode on my desktop it stays on, but only
when i am in normal mode it shuts off after 1-2

So what we are saying is as long as the computer is in safe mode or
you stay on the log on screen everything is ok and that..... when you
start to 'use' the computer it shuts off after about 2 minutes. When
you are using the computer that's when things are gonna start to get
loaded and  heavier power is required meaning....

that something is getting hotter than normal and the whole thing shuts
down or that something ain't delivering the power required so..  

we can suspect either the power supply,  the CPU is running hotter
than normal due to dust buld up on the heatsink and fan or something
on the mobo ain't up to scratch.  

May be we could monitor the temperature & voltages in bios for a
short while, this might tell us something, this oughta' be the first
thing to do.

What would I do...?
I would check all the fans are reasonably clean and move freely, with
no power a gentle flick on the blade will certainly determine it's
ability to move easily and without signs of sticking.

Whilst we are in there look out for swollen 'caps' (capacitors), have
a toot here to see what I mean .
If I were a gambler maybe I'd go straight for the power supply unit,
this does do all the work... it's not a thinker like the CPU but it
supplies all the power required, they do cause problems.  

These are what I would be looking at if shutting down under load, do
make sure it's not a faulty power lead..... it does happen.


Re: Fan stop spinning...

First I would check that the blades move freelly by flicking them with
a finger.

To test the fan you'll need a 12V DC power unit, this could be an
adapter that you plug into the wall or it could be a 12V DC power
supply...  simply find a method of connecting the supply to the fan... can use two lengths of thin wire just poked into the fan

two needles poked into where the wire's goes into the plug you may
find easier to do...  the wires then wrapped round the needles, make
sure the red wire goes to the positive terminal and the black wire to
the negative terminal of the 12 volt supply source.

The fan will not run if the wires are connected the wrong way.

The dust can amazingly find it's way into the bearings, or the
bearings can become worn.

If in doubt it would be better to replace the fan, at
least this item is out of the way.


Re: Fan stop spinning...

i took it to geek squad and they plugged it into their power supply
and my computer didn't shut down at all, so in result it's the power
supply and i have to buy another one which is about $50-$60, i didn't
know they cost that much! :eek: I think all the dust i have inside of
the computer is what caused the power supply to go out, when she
opened it it looked like a brown blanket, that's how much dust i had
inside! Thanks for all your help!

Re: Fan stop spinning...

Glad it's sorted.

It's always better to pay just that little extra as you know you are
getting one built to an higher standard.

Dust can cause heat build up as you probably know... power supplies do
a lot of work and they do break down as well as create unusual

Guess $55 is about 28 in uk money which sounds about right, we can
get the 'El cheapos' for around 15 or $29.... so guess you've got a
decent one and not been 'had'.

Once in a while go round very gently with a little clean paint brush
kept for the purpose and clean what you can.... especially the
ventilation slots.


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