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A  fan on the mobo on my PC is making a lot of noise.  Can someone tell me
what this fan does, and if it is easy to replace?  What happens if I unplug
it, to stop the noise.  It is the fan on the lower left of this picture,
adjacent to the memory slots.


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its the motherboard chipset and on those boards it commonly has a heat sink
and fan because people use those mobo's when they intend to overclock.

you can get a Zalman heatsink without fan that'll work fine. Its a taller
to dissipate the heat without needing a fan.

Re: Fan Noise

Sleepy wrote:
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Thermalright HR-05-SLI Copper Heatsinks only - Retail

Thermalright HR-05 Copper Heatsinks only - Retail

Those are probably a bit better than a Zalman chunk of aluminum,
as the heatpipes help move the heat to all the fins. On straight
aluminum, the tops of the fins aren't very effective, as it is
hard for the heat to flow uniformly through the fin.

For any new cooler, there are lots of mechanical details to
worry about, like bumping into video cards.

You have to be a bit careful, when selecting replacement heatsinks.
At one time, a Northbridge might have used 2W, and the heatsink
was something of a joke. Now, some of the chipsets are in the
20W vicinity, and a better cooling solution is required. If
all the chipsets had publicly available specs, it would make it
a bit easier to say how good a heatsink is required.

A parameter called "theta_R" or thermal resistance, is a way of
rating the performance of heatsinks. This one is rated at 1.25C/W.

If the computer case air temp was 35C, the chipset used 20W of
power, the chipset temp would be = 35C + 1.25C/W * 20W = 60C.

I won't bother to look up the Zalman, as I doubt they'd bother
to rate it. I have some heatsinks from a heatsink catalog, which
give an idea as to performance.

                    Length Width Height  still  with
                       mm    mm    mm    air    fan

35x35 374624B60024 35.00  35.00 10.00   23.40  7.55   Black anodize
35x35 374724B60024 35.00  35.00 18.00   15.30  5.15   Black anodize
35x35 374824B60024 35.00  35.00 25.00   12.00  4.27   Black anodize

Those are 35mm square aluminum heatsinks from Aavid. They aren't as
tall as the Zalman, but also note the performance. With still air,
the tallest one is close to 10 times worse than the MCX159-CU, with
its fan. And even if you fit a fan, 4.27C/W is still pretty bad
performance. That is why I'd be suspicious of using a Zalman,
even if I put a fan on it.

I cannot find a rating for the Thermaltake, but at least some
reported chipset temps seem pretty decent.

If you don't like all the work it takes to install stuff like that,
then replacing just the fan might be an option. Some chipset coolers
make even that difficult, by using custom fan assemblies.


Re: Fan Noise


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It's unlikely that minimalistic small 'sink can keep the
(nForce4) chip cool enough without a fan.  A strong case
airflow, preferribly with a front case fan blowing straight
at it, might suffice if a larger passive 'sink like one of
the Zalmans was used but IMO they'd be borderline, a better
fanned heatsink ought to be used as the replacement.

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