fail direct3d test, Why?

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My hardware and  software characteristic:

Card name: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4850e
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Driver 8.511-080624a-066450C-Asus
Version driver 2D
Version Direct3D
Version OpenGL
Version di Catalyst® Control Center 2008.0624.2148.37100

I have this errors whit direct3D test

D3D7 Test Result: Failure at step 39 (SetDisplayMode to 640x480x16): HRESULT
= 0x80004001 (Not implemented)
 D3D8 Test Result: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT =
0x88760827 (error code)
 D3D9 Test Result: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT =
0x8876086c (error code)

How can resolve this...
Help me please, I want to play game

merry cristmas....

Re: fail direct3d test, Why?

MM wrote:
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Do you have the chipset drivers installed ?

Are all of the entries in the Device Manager OK, or is
there a yellow mark next to something ?

So the video cable is connected to a motherboard
video connector ?

Your "HD 3200" suggests you don't have a
graphics card, and are using the built-in graphics
on the Northbridge chip of the motherboard. You
still need a driver for that. And the driver should
not be "left over" from some old installation, it should
be freshly installed from either the motherboard
CD or from the Asus website.

The symptoms suggest that no driver is installed, and what
is running right now, is the default VESA/VGA driver provided
by the OS. Something is wrong with your drivers. If the drivers
were working, you'd be able to go to the Display Control
Panel and set the resolution to a higher setting than

I'm surprised the Catalyst Control Center is even loaded,
because normally it won't load unless the driver is working


Re: fail direct3d test, Why?

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all OK


Now I  use my on board HD3200 @ 1680x1050

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I have catalyst and use catalyst utility on catalyst control center
but can't change resolution

Re: fail direct3d test, Why?

MM wrote:
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That is pretty weird. I don't know what to suggest at this point.
If you have 1680x1050, then that means the driver is there.
And normally, you should have options to select other resolutions,
all the way down to 640x480. 640x480 is something the BIOS might
use for example. The fact that the Catalyst thing is
there, also suggests the driver is present and running.

What is the name of the motherboard ?

If you download and install this tool, it may give you some
idea as to what information the monitor is passing to the
computer. For example, it might mention the 1680x1050


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