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My friend who is never missed any game until now want to buy a system
that  have lot of processing power. The things he wants are such as :
more than 4Gb RAM (DDR2 or DDR3)
Motherboard Intel (he's been using intel board since beginning..)
Graphic card Direct Dx9 and above (he also heard about crossfire
Intel processor (any best wrt to mobo)
Harddisk 200+ gb

other hardware like
sound card
tv tuner
he is satisfied with above.
One thing more money is no problem for him as far as extreme machine
is concerned.

Re: Extreme Gamers Computer

A friend recently showed me the configuration for a game PC from voodoopc.com.
It has liquid cooled CPUs and video cards (which I assume is because of
overclocking, which the specs did not mention); dual quad core CPUs and 2 video
cards. The price was $11,000 US.
If you want to use more than 4 GB memory you will need a 64 bit OS, which means
limited availability of drivers.

Aamir wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh
            West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

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Here is a list of PC vendors;

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First  thing is wait 6 to 8 months ...He will want 64 Bit Windows VISTA &
DX10 Graphic card
 wait 6 to 8 months.
(")_(")  mouse

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Hasn't Nvidia came out with DX10 graphic cards?

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What game exists that requires more than 4GB RAM? I don't know one that
requires more than 1GB RAM. Also if he want the fastest, extreme graphics,
then DirectX9 is old - Direct X 10 is the latest - google for "8800GTX".
Crossfire and SLI allow 2 graphics cards to run at the same time for better
performance. Get a very fast hard disk or RAID setup and get the fastest
clocked CPU you can find. The majority, if not all games are single threaded
at the moment, so a fancy core 2 setup will possibly be slower than a very
fast, perhaps overclocked single core chip. Water cooling will allow good

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GT wrote:
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There are some badly designed games. Don't quote me on this, but
Microsoft FSX might benefit from a lot of RAM. Another one might be
Gothic 3. Apparently some game designers, when doing games that
occupy wide spaces, cache large portions of their "map" in memory,
which drives the machine crazy. An excessive amount of RAM in
the computer can help. As could better written software by the
game designers...


Re: Extreme Gamers Computer

The Ultimate Gamer system ???

Well how about.

@ Motherboard with SLI PCI-E slots  RAID ...lots of BIOS settings to
overclock well.
The most expensive   Asus Striker Extreme NF680i perhaps ??

@ Intel Quad Core Duo. Big water cooling system looking like something out
of DOOM 3
pumping away...it should be a Pink color

@ SCSI Ultra Wide hard drives 15000 rpm in RAID .

@ 2 (two) Geforce 8800GTX in SLI.

@ 8 gigs of Dual Channel DDR3 1066 if he can get it or DDR2 ....only 4 Gigs
at most ...maybe only 2.5 Gigs with a 32 Bit O/S will actually be working
but its there for maybe & the future.. 16 Gigs if he
wants to be really silly.

@ VERY powerful quality PSU ...1000 watts (700 might do)

@ 6 way Multi-changing DVD drive ...fastest available ..all modes

@Super Flashy BIG case with at least 6 Fans all over it ..& a 'I am
Ultimate' Logo
hand designed & painted.
Digital TV & Radio card...fastest, bigest USB Flash drive ...Super go fast
Wireless Modem etc. etc.
@ A permanent on site personal high tech. support person...a young beautiful
but brilliant women .
Who can make it all work 'cause it will have to run Windows VISTA 64 bit.

(")_(")  mouse


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