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if i put my old 10 gig hard drive which had win98 into my new computer
with a 60 gig with win xp

will there be conficts?
and must i keep my large windows98 folder with all its files on the
smaller drive?  What programs must i keep onthe old smaller drive or
can they all be eliminated safely?

Re: extra hard drive

v4t9hy3d8 wrote:
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you can add the drive and XP should be able to access it with no problems.
You can basically delete anything on it you don't need.
your windows folder will no longer serve a purpose...

Also...for the most part...
your applications on that drive will not work...
So just keep any data you want...then delete the rest.

If there is nothing on the drive you need...
you might as well just format it.

Re: extra hard drive

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 01:28:57 -0500 As Androids Dreamed Of Electric

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What he said :)

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Re: extra hard drive

If there is nothing on the drive you need you better keep it out of the
It probably older drive that run slower and it will slow your system.
When you'll need the extra space you better get a new shiny big HD.


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Re: extra hard drive

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The advice you got from Shep is the correct one. There's no reason you
cannot use that old 10 GB drive as a secondary drive in your new machine, at
least temporarily, if that's what you want. You do not have to "keep it out
of the system". It will *not* "slow your system".

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