external usb keyboard nightmare

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Hi I just borrowed my dad laptop FUJITSu SIEMENS AMILO PRO and I find it
more useful with external Trust's keyboard attached. I m using ps2 to usb
adapter, but it doesn't work. Before, it worked a few times, but after
switching to other keyboards and native keyboard it doesn't work. As far as
i remember i installed than some third vendor drivers by choice and it
worked. I tried google but find nothing.

Re: external usb keyboard nightmare


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There is no such thing as a ps/2 to usb converter. (Well, maybe
there is, but.... :-)

There are, however, keyboards and mice that support both usb and
ps/2. In which case you need an adapter to fit the plug.

So, make sure your external keyboard is bi-modal.

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

Re: external usb keyboard nightmare

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I assure you there are converters ps/2 to usb and vice versa. The problem is
solve since this converter was broken.
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Re: external usb keyboard nightmare

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well, the whole thread was ludricous, starting with your post.

it wasn't even clear whether you were trying to plug a ps2 keyb in a
usb socket, or a usb keyb in a ps2 socket.  One would have to look up
that model of laptop you mentioned.. though i think there are
different submodels anyway.  Or well, you said it was your dad's
laptop. Maybe we could ask your dad.
(a technical problem should be written technically!)
computer problems consist of computers and a PEBCAK. Your dad is not

glad you took issue with the answer though.

I've found that all usb keybs support ps2 - in the sense that little
adaptors work with them. The issue with these usb to ps2 adaptors, and
ps2 to usb adaptors, (whichever way one means, i mean those that go
one way, and those that go the other way). And there are issues, with
those that take ps2 keybs and plug into usb sockets, little ones won't
work 'cos ps2 doesn't support usb, unless perhaps it's a 'very
special' keyboard. This is dealt with in previous usenet posts. It's

btw, you might find as i did that the ones that you think 'dont work'
might work in one computer but not another.
I tested some adaptors that took ps2 keyb. By taking a usb keyb,
adapting that to ps2, (effectively giving a ps2 with electronics to
supports usb!) then pluggin that into the ps2-usb adaptor. It worked
in one machine and not another.
Whereas the ones that do work, work in both.  I once had a graphics
card that was so strict, it only took one monitor that I had!!!!!  The
comp was a disgusting Sony VAIO.. It may have been a mixture of the
graphics card being strict, and the monitor being lenient.   One
theory I had..  Most VGA monitors i've seen have cables with some pins
missing. This monitor that worked had 1 or no pins missing in the
cable.  So maybe that was what made the monitor lenient. And the
graphics card was strict in that it only accepted monitors whose
cables had all the pins , or all of a certain set of pins.

I would still chuck the strict entity as soon as you get a lenient
one.. I sold the Sony VAIO for many reasons.
And once I bought some new usb-ps2 or ps2-usb adaptors, and found they
worked in both my 2 machines, I chucked the old strict ones. I guess
one of my machines was a bit strict but I kept it..  Not going to
throw out a motherboard! Easy to throw out a graphics card or a usb-
ps2 adaptor..

btw, most of what i've said here is rather speculative in that it's a
bit theoretical !  i'm open to better answers to explain what I

You should've bought a few different ones.. as with anything, to
troubleshoot properly.

And if you hadnt' done basic troubleshooting anyway.. trying different
ones. Then i've no idea why you bothered asking your question!! 'cos
the answer is to troubleshoot and you appear to know how to.

Re: external usb keyboard nightmare

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Have you tried plugging it into a usb port?

The only problem I've ever encountered with a usb keyboard (other than that
they don't seem to last as long as ps2 ones) is on one machine where the
bios ignored any keyboard input until I'd changed a setting. Don't recall
which setting, but windows was fine with it, it was just the bios.

One suggestion, assuming it still works with your old keyboard: boot up with
your old keyboard, log in and then switch keyboards. Hopefully it should
detect that you now have a usb keyboard attached.

Hope you get it working.
Brian Cryer

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