External HD & Notebook?

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I have a notebook PC with Win-XP. I'd like to use an ATA-100 *internal*
hard drive, which came out of a desktop PC, as an *external* back up
drive for the notebook. I realize I'll have to power the ATA drive with
12V and 5V but I'm not sure about the best method for connecting the
data output of the ATA drive to the notebook. Is there an
adapter/converter made for this purpose which includes the 12V and 5V
power supply voltages and a way to connect the ribbon cable output of
the ATA drive to a USB port on the notebook?


Re: External HD & Notebook?

Skybird wrote:
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There are all manner of external enclosures. They support SATA or ribbon
cable (PATA) drives on the inside. The 3.5" ones should include a power source.
(The 2.5" drives can be low powered enough, that some will run off the
USB bus power - certain WD Passport 2.5" drives are an example.)
External interfaces include USB or Firewire. Or there are even NAS
(network attached storage), where the external interface is Ethernet.


This one comes with a fan, but the power source is an external wall wart.
Interface is USB2 on the outside, ribbon cable IDE on the inside. You
should be able to connect this to the laptop.

AMS VENUS DS-2316B2BK Aluminum 3.5" USB 2.0 Black External Enclosure - Retail $38


Re: External HD & Notebook?

Thanks Paul. As it turned out, my question was a little premature. I did
some more Googling while I was waiting for replies and as you say, I
found all kinds of HD enclosures. I was under the impression that no one
else had thought of this idea but me. :-)

Paul wrote:
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Re: External HD & Notebook?

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Consider this clever little gadget S.
I bought one at a computer fair.
It will connect either a standard 3.5 drive, OR a 2.5


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