External FireWire HD keep diseappering

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Hi all,
i have a 300gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 on an external box
IcyBox IB-351UE FireWire/USB. I use it by FireWire on
WinXP with a mobile Asus L3000D.

After a lot of "Delayed Write Failed" error, it became seen by win as

After running Partition Table Doctor and having rebulid the Partition
TAble and MBR, and after the initial HD coerency check of windows (with
a lot of message of recovering) i can see all my files.

But i need to know if my HD is gonna phisically failing or if there is
others problem

Now: with the Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro Quick Diagnostic Test it gives
me always (only one time all has gone well) a failure like:

**Running Quick Diagnostic Test...
Testing drive ST330083 1A...
I/O Error on sector 484702655.
Error count exceeded!

Test Results:
Model: ST330083 1A
Capacity: 279.46 GB
Quick Diagnostic Test: Failed!**

And it keep disappearing often from Computer Resources also during data
transfer (giving me back a other "Delayed Write Failed" errors.

All this seems to do not happen if i conect my HD by USB. I've not
tried this connection for a long time, but in this time it terminated
Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro Quick Diagnostic Test with sucess and it
seems to do not suddenly disappear.

What is happening?

Thanks a lot.

Re: External FireWire HD keep diseappering

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Snipped a lot.

Got the same IcyBox, always used it on USB, never any
Firewire is no advantage.

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